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Lab members


Dr. Oren Tsur

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Senior Lecturer and Head of NASLAB

My research mainly involves modeling and analysis of Social Network Dynamics based on various social signals ranging from language use to patterns of online activity. I use Random Graphs, Complex Networks Analysis, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing in the context of social interaction. I'm interested in large scale-data driven modeling of the processes in which language is shaping and shaped-by social dynamics. In particular, I'm interested in modeling social coordination, influence and contagion in social networks and in the political domain.

Doctoral Students


Abrahami Israeli

PhD student

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Masters Students


Omer Neu

Masters' Student

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Guy Barel

Masters` student

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Hilla Halevi

Masters` student

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Alon Neduva

Masters` student

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Tom Marzea

Masters` student

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Maor Boublil

Masters` student

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Guy Niran

Masters` student

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Undergraduate Students/Projects


Alon Bar Tal (post-doc),
now at faculty at BIU

Yotam Shichel (MSc)

Gal Netzer (MSc)

Ifat Abramovich (MSc)

Simo Hanouna (MSc)

Eyal Arviv (MSc)

Yoav Tulpan (MSc)

Stepan Zakharov (MSc)

Aviv Ben Haim (MSc)

Past Undergraduate Students/Projects

Roy Peled (project)

Aviel Avitan (Project)

Guy Maruschenko (project)

Nir Movshovits (Project)

Ron Shakutai (Project)

Gal Lahiani (Project)

Ron Elharar (project)

Yarden Hazut (Project)

Dana Yevdaiev (Project)

Sapir Ratzon (Project)

Neta Savir (Project)

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