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Natural Language Processing and Social Dynamics lab (NASLAB):  The research in the lab is focused on the computational processing of language with special focus on the way language is used in different social contexts and the ways meaning changes and evolves over time and space. We develop and use state of the art computational methods in order to learn how language brings people together and how it may drive them apart. While algorithmic at its core, this challenging endeavor is multidisciplinary in nature, involving computer science, linguistics, political science and sociology. Indeed we collaborate with scholars of all these fields. 

If you are interested in this line of research and want to join the lab please drop for a visit or drop us a line. 

Location: building 96, room 105. 

Latest News



2019 Israeli Election
Contextual Discourse Parsing
Modeling Large Scale Distributed Campaigns

Influence in Networks (especially in the political context)

The Tide: racist and abusive trends in online communities

Digital Forensics (and the applicability of machine learning based evidence in evidence law)

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