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22 במרץ 2023

Invited talk

LLMs in Education - background, threats and opportunities, BGU Rector's Teaching forum/seminar series

21 במרץ 2023


Avrahami Israeli awarded Dean's honor for PhD student. (2022-2023)

20 במרץ 2023

New Paper

(COLING, 2022) Detecting Suicide Risk in Online Counseling Services: A Study in a Low-Resource Language (with Amir Bialer, Daniel Izmaylov, Avi Segal, Yossi Levi-Belz, & Kobi Gal).

19 במרץ 2023

Media interview

NLP, the research at the lab and at DPS@BGU (שלושה שיודעים, כאן-11, Heb, 60min)

18 במרץ 2023

Invited talk

Annual Conference of the Judiciary and Academia (closed event due to the looming judicial crisis)

17 במרץ 2023

Thesis defense

Yoav Tulpan. Congratulations!

Thesis defense

Ifat Refaeli. Congratulations!

New Paper

(EMNLP 2022) How to Do Things without Words: Modeling Semantic Drift of Emoji (with Eyal Arviv)

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